Believing in the importance of human interaction Alexandria, law and society, established the Centre for Studies and Research, and legal services and economic order in 1986 to help raise the legal profession and to facilitate the legal services and legal culture in society. The center holds many conferences and training courses and workshops for the judiciary and legislation and the legal profession. The center collaborates with a number of legal institutions in Egypt, also seeks to exchange experiences with overseas research centers
 About Us.
 Studies and Research Center, legal services, economic, scientific institution for research and services, established by the University Council on 25/11/1986, as a special character, within the Faculty of Law - University of Alexandria.
Center Foundation with a public benefit, not profit objectives, although it is working in a liberal framework of restrictions and red tape, and its main objectives to provide legal services and economic to serve the community and the individual and the environment and public and private projects                  
The Centre for studies and research legal and economic issues of concern within the community and interest in research and educational aspects of the exercise of the following activities
1 - Organization Almutmrat courses in subjects related to the objectives of the Centre.
2 - the issuance of bulletins and periodicals for the education and awareness of rights and duties of his rights.
3 - developing the capacities of the practice of various aspects of the legal process.
4 - the area of education and awareness of the law.
5 - the area of documentation of foreign laws and legal information.
6 - the area of arbitration and amicable settlement of disputes.
7 - the area of feasibility studies.
8 - the area of consulting and legal legitimacy and the preparation of contracts and legal formulas and review.
9 - the area of judicial services.
   Antrzvy regulated under the cultural season each year a series of meetings intellectual, political and literary figures with symbols and Egyptian and international in various topical issues.